Bury Tomorrow light the spark for album five with Black Flame

By Oliver Butler (@notoliverbutler)

Bury Tomorrow are an exciting metal band; going from strength to strength with every album. Back for their fifth bite of the cherry, the Southampton sonic sailors have announced that Black Flame will be the title of their next album, and whaddayaknow, it’s the title of their new single as well!

Black Flame is the same melodic metalcore that Bury Tomorrow have made their own over the last decade or so, with the melodic intro breaking into a chugging riff and clean singer Jason Cameron’s instantly recognisable voice. The trading of vocal duties between both his clean, melodic vocals and lead dirty vocalist Daniel Winter-Bates’ powerful scream works so well in Bury Tomorrow, and really adds layers to the song, keeping it fresh the whole way through, with the two of them linking up on the chorus adding plenty of power.

The lyrics “Lost soul in the unmarked grave, we have given a name // black flame // in death we are all the same // remain, black flame” are fantastic, and the dual delivery mentioned above really makes it feel huge. One of the standout points in this song is the solo towards the end; it feels like a classic metal solo, and definitely something that more of wouldn’t go amiss on the new album.

All in all, Black Flame is a solid offering as a teaser to Bury Tomorrow’s fifth offering, and indicates that we’ll be in for a treat come June 13th.

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