By Jake Cordiner (@jjjaketh)

I’ll admit it, I was apprehensive about paying £80+ to see Drake. I’d never paid that much to see anyone before, but as soon as Drizzy walked out onstage and fired straight into an incendiary version of Trophies it was made abundantly clear that I had sweet fuck all to be apprehensive about.

Drake absolutely killed it. Top to bottom, this was one of the most enjoyable gigs I’ve ever been to. Aubrey had the entirety of the Hydro in the palm of his hands. Arriving on stage at around 8:45 (the wait for him to actually come out was one of my very few complaints about the night. There was around 45 minutes between the main support and Drake himself) the 6 God was fired up for the duration of his 30 song set. Backed by a percussionist, a pianist and a DJ, he flew through the set with aplomb.

He frequently thanked the crowd for singing along and being so loud and he must have said Glasgow had been his favourite night of the 20+ date European tour about 10 times. Now I know what you’re thinking, “of course he did, everyone says that” but there seemed to be a genuine sincerity in his voice when he said it. On the subject of Drake speaking to the crowd, he really is a fantastic showman. At one point he told a story about how he and his pianist were in a restaurant-exclusive John Legend cover band and, around halfway through the set, he downed a half cup of straight whiskey because he’s Drake and he’s an absolute fucking nutter.

As far as the songs in the set, it was all killer no filler from beginning to end. Highlights included a MASSIVE sounding version of Know Yourself (in which Drake instructed his “Mosh Pit Gang” to “lose their fucking minds” bless him), undeniable bangers Hotline Bling, One Dance and Feel No Ways and a furious sounding Pop Style. However, my personal highlight was when he brought out motherfucking GIGGS, who played Whippin Excursion from his 2016 Landlord album, much to the joy of the 100 odd people in the crowd who actually recognised who he was. Drake also brought out Popcaan for a few tunes, which was bloody ace.

My only massive complaint I had with the set was the fact that Drake played next to nothing from his latest album/playlist/mixtape/whateverthefuckhescallingit More Life. Apart from walking out to Passionfruit, the only other song he performed from More Life was Fake Love (which, admittedly was absolutely awesome). It just seemed like a missed opportunity to have Giggs come to the show and not perform any of the songs he features on from the new album. That’s a very minor complaint, though, because at the end of the day this was an absolutely incredible show. From the stage production (which was cool as all hell) to Drake’s performance itself, this was a night no one in the crowd will forget in a hurry.