TRACK REVIEW: Jamie T -Tinfoil Boy

It wouldn’t be a Jamie T release if it weren’t for the wait. Just a few weeks ago, Twitter was set alight with some solid rumours that the Panic Prevention star was set to release the first glimpse of music off an upcoming fourth LP only for said rumours to be shot down. Despite this, it wasn’t nearly as much of agonising wait as the five year gap between Kings and Queens in 2009 and Carry On The Grudge respectively. Tonight we thankfully got the long anticipated first taste in the form of Tinfoil Boy so let’s answer the question on everyone’s sweat drenched, quivering lips: is it any good?

Starting off with the same solid mature sound that he became accustomed with on his last LP and last year’s Magnolia Melancholia EP, Tinfoil Boy quickly transpires into a high octane, distortion littered chorus that will surely be the conductor for many a mosh pit when it gets played live, something that Jamie himself isn’t sure how to do. Strip back the grand instrumentals though and the song starts to feel even more dark. Recorded via different rules and fueled by listening to a bit too much Rage Against The Machine, the song is an unsubtle track about the use of meth, perhaps inspired by the choice of location due to Detroit’s issue with the substance, but manages to evoke the same high with a riff that could melt your face off.

Tinfoil Boy combines all the best elements of Jamie T’s music yet sounds completely different to anything he’s done in his career. Packing the same paranoia fueled lyricism that appeared on his debut and the sinister nature that Carry On The Grudge dipped its toes in, the inevitable new album seems to be a further evolution of his sound. It’s worth baring in mind that Zombie was one of the first singles released prior to Carry On The Grudge’s release and was the polar opposite to what that album was like so even those who are neutral to Tinfoil Boy have plenty to get excited about.

Having listened to it repeatedly, the track couldn’t have came out at a better time. Jamie T’s legacy is all but set in stone at this point and while acts like RAT BOY have attempted to capture the same witty and wacky indie rock that he mastered years ago, it’s refreshing to know that Jamie is capable of providing some slick and smart music that the genre has been missing. Jamie T may quip about being tricked into waking up but he couldn’t have picked a better time to set his alarm.

Liam Menzies (@blinkclyro)

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