Thoughts On: The Brit Awards

When your award show is referred to as “the British Grammy’s”, you’d think it was some sort of compliment. Well, that’s until you realise that the Grammy’s themselves considered James Bay more worthy of a Rock Album Of The Year nod than the hundreds of other potential nominees. Fair do’s to the Grammy’s though since they at least have some sort of range instead of the traditional limited list of categories the Brits provide, somehow being the smallest thing at an awards show that includes Dec Connolly.

Despite the excuse that they’re meaningless and shit, the Brits are still open to criticism and after all, this is the awards show where Franz Ferdinand won two out of five awards they were nominated for so they are capable of using their brains from time to time. The latter of this statement is unfortunately false when it comes to looking at one category in particular.


Just like Ed Sheeran before him, James Bay will be the golden child of the Brits this year, no doubt picking up every award his little permanently hat attached head is nominated for. It’s no surprise that an awards show will try and make out that they award based on quality rather than sales, which couldn’t be further from the truth, but it all becomes even more gutting when Aphex Twin finally gets the recognition he deserves only to be beaten by Jason Mraz 2.0 .

Not only that but I find it fucking laughable that the Brits will bring the likes of JME and Skepta on stage with Kanye for a performance yet when it comes to representing their genre, they’re not given a hint of recognition. Grime grew exponentially in 2015 and to act as if it doesn’t even exist is just plain ignorance, especially when you’re awards show has enough black nominees that you could count them all on one hand and give the Oscars a run for their money with their lack of representation.

Unlike the Oscars though whose problem lies within the industry they represent rather than the ceremony itself, the Brits has little excuse as they have such a large array of black musicians to choose from: Kwabs, Stormzy, aforementioned JME and Skepta, Fuse ODG (hey, I didn’t say they had to be amazing), they’re just a few and just like the film industry, a lack of diversity results in little aspiration for other POC when it comes to them wanting to achieve in an industry that is largely white dominated.

This was initially going to be my pick of who I think should win but it just got on my nerves that the Brits will claim to be relevant yet will offer a seat to Olly Murs before considering an artist who helped a genre break into the mainstream. Of course there are other categories and I’m happy to see Kendrick Lamar and Jamie XX nominated after providing the two essential albums of 2015. Some of you reading this will no doubt slate this as another “PC gone mad” article but that’s not the case: credit should be given where credit is due and that just isn’t the case with the current list of nominees.

As far as I’m concerned, the Brits is fated to continue being the Limp Bizkit of the awards world: trying to act hip and current but failing to realise they were better kept in the 90’s.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think in the comments down below.





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