The Tailor Made – Test Markets EP REVIEW

Google can be a very misleading piece of technology. One search for “The Tailor Made” and you’ll come across a trio of boys from London who are inspired by Rizzle Kicks and The Streets. A different search will find you an act from Dublin whose music’s only relation to kicks will be the action it provokes upon hearing it.

Yes, although the average experience most people, including myself, have with music nowadays from Ireland are bands like The Script and Kodaline, The Tailor Made are more likely to whip out the grunge drenched guitars before they’d consider any sappy lyrics about love. Tracks like A Sign & Flag draw the listener into a false sense of security with a very Red Hot Chili Pepper-esque intro before going all out with that noise rock sound and infectious flow from vocalist Joseph Cleary at the chorus that makes it difficult not to listen to it again and again. The consistency both in sound and quality is fairly good and makes for a very solid EP that will no doubt be compared to Nirvana by first time listeners, one of the greatest compliments an act in this genre could receive.


Noise rock prides itself on not being afraid of being out of the mainstream and The Tailor Made aren’t going to be for everyone due to this. However, as a man who is as likely to listen to Counterparts before switching it out for Taylor Swift, I implore you to give this act a listen.  Whilst their sound might not be concrete at the moment and they’re still finding their footing like any new act, the apparent energy the band possess on stage is just waiting to be channeled into something truly special. Keep your eyes peeled and your volume at a moderate level.

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