A new year means new stuff: new music, new site and NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!!

2015 was a pretty great year for music (check my favourite albums of last year for further proof). 2015 was also a pretty good year for me and this site. Not only did we find a new home on WordPress but we also managed to rake in over 8,000 views. 8,000. That’s almost the same number of calories I took in from all those energy drinks I needed last year for writing. It’s weird to think that nearly three years ago I was just doing this as a pastime and now I’m actually getting somewhere with it, reviewing what I love (and sometimes despise) and having fun doing so.


So what next? Well it’s obvious what the next step is: YouTube. Yup, now you won’t have to put up with my written ramblings, you’ll now get to experience me telling you in the most horrible, geeky voice imaginable. Entertaining, I guess?

In all seriousness though, making videos is something I’ve always wanted to do and whilst my camera isn’t the best quality, I’ve managed to make a few decent reviews that are definitely worth your while. As the year goes on, expect to see a rise in quality and perhaps a new background if things go to plan.

For the foreseeable future, there’ll be three different shows. The first will be the normal album or track review, a not-broken-so-don’t-fix-it kind of format. The next is Recordspectives where I’ll choose an artist to cover for the month, reviewing their entire discography and giving my analysis as well as my thoughts on each individual LP.

Lastly there’s the B-Side review which allows me to talk to you lot about, well, anything really! From videogames to movies to TV, this removes those restrictions of being only a music blog, instead more of a primary music channel with all these other sub-topics on board for that extra spice. *insert cheeky nandos emoji here*


I’m not abandoning the site by any means though, quite the opposite actually! Expect written reviews of all the latest music as well as interviews, feature pieces, gigs and much, much more! If it weren’t for music I’d be even more dull than I am now and with you lot along for the journey (and hopefully more as the year progresses), I cannot wait for this site to flourish in 2016.

Big love, Liam x

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