Day Four-ked Up 

Four days.

That’s how long I lasted with being vegetarian. If my respect for anyone who is vegetarian wasn’t already high then it’s pretty much sky rocketed due to this week. Vegans? Well if you ignore the ones who can compare the holocaust and rape to the meat industry then my respect is even higher seeing as I basically lived on French toast this entire week. (Anyone who calls it eggy bread can send their complaints to

I think me failing was my fault for not preparing well enough for the diet. If I had made the effort to go to Asda and just stock up on quorn I’d have had no problem cause that stuff is fucking delicious. I’m a notoriously picky eater though, anyone who knew me when I was younger knew I lived by a “jam sandwiches or gtf” life motto.

I’ll definitely not give up on trying to achieve a veggie lifestyle. It’s just at the moment I’m stressed out to shit but with summer on the horizon I should be able to manage it.

Who knows, maybe Morrissey will just screen vegetarian propaganda all throughout his gig or hearing him sing Meat Is Murder will convert me.

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Editor of . Wine, meme and vinyl connoisseur who hums Born Slippy far too often. Veggie wank🌱

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