Paolo Nutini – Caustic Love review

Paolo Nutini is a hard one to pigeon hole. While most artists find a sound that serves them well and stick to it for album after album, the Paisley born singer song-writer continues to delve into different genres in each of his album releases with his debut These Streets containing a nice blend of Pop and Rock whilst his follow up Sunny Side Up expertly blended R&B and Ska like a Kenwood smoothie maker. After a five year hiatus though, has he managed to keep this trend and quality up?Image

The answer? Of course he has. All you have to do is listen to Iron Sky, one of the album’s finest tracks which is a beautiful blend of both soul and raw compassion that highlights Nutini’s trademark raspy voice that never ceases to amaze you throughout the album’s 13 track duration. Opening track Scream (Funk My Life Up) is an upbeat, funk infused song reminiscent of the sound of James Brown whilst Numpty mixes it up with a more frisky sound and a chorus that’ll inscribe itself into your head after a few listens.

However, where Caustic Love really shines is when Nutini infuses this amazing soul sounds with personal lyrics which he delivers in an apologetic sound. Point in case? The track One Day, which follows up the interlude every RnB album needs, has Paolo saying all the corners of our pictures are a long time afraid, they still symbolize what you mean to me”, showcasing his ability to tap into the deep emotional reserves that allow this track to stand out. The closing track Someone Like You is another example of these lyrics with a much simpler sound which makes for a peaceful and nonchalant conclusion.Image

Some may lump Nutini unknowingly alongside other artists like James Blunt and James Morrison just because he plays guitar and sings. With Caustic Love, Nutini showcases talent that is unparalleled to any other solo artist in Britain today and one that’s bound to develop and improve after each successive record. So sit back, put your earphones on and enjoy the soulful sound that’ll transport you to the 80’s, no DeLorean needed.

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