Kanye West – Yeezus


Now this is an odd one. No matter what your opinion on Kanye might be, he’s not one to be pigeon-holed, be it 808’s & Heartbreak which was controversial for the musician drifting away from rapping or his recent album which even after listening to it multiple times is hard to come up with a proper opinion.

After the release of 2010’s critically acclaimed My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, it’s hard to think what the egotistical Mr West could possibly come up with this time around. If your guess was sick beats, rapping about croissants and a cameo from Daft Punk then kudos to you because that’s what West has delivered and at first listen, it’s an odd album to say the least. Whereas most of his albums had a focus on certain subjects such as The College Dropout, Yeezus seems confused, sometimes focusing on the issue of racism but this issue often seems ignored by West himself when he raps on certain out of place tracks such as I’m In It. While this is a downside, the sound of Yeezus is so refreshing and as many people have said before, like it’s from the year 3000. Yeezus, musical wise, is darker than it’s predecessors and combines different styles such as acid house, chicago drill and more which gives it a unique sound that helps the album stand out.


Kanye is in a pretty stressful position with the media paying an awful lot of attention on him after his disputes with members of the paparazzi as well as his partner Kim Kardashian which may have cause the short comings of Yeezus but as it stands, Yeezus is a solid album that’s only downfall is it’s loss of identity, something that’s been the reason for the success of West during his whole career.

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