Biffy Clyro – Opposites


Now this is a long overdue review. I’ve only recently started reviewing music and only have one article under my hypothetical belt so where better to start than the latest album from Biffy Clyro.

Biffy Clyro are a rock trio from Scotland and originate from the area where I live. They’re not a new band and have been making music for more than a decade now and are one of the best live bands currently in the music business, recently touring with Muse in America. Opposites is their sixth album and their first double album, a point that was being discussed from the album’s early days by front man Simon Neil who was divided on whether or not it should be a double or triple album. I was lucky to get the album on release and was anxious for the result.Thankfully, Biffy have released not only a great album but one of their finest albums that can sit along with the likes of Puzzle. Different People can only be described as being a stadium anthem and is definitely one of the best tracks on the album with Victory Over The Sun being a personal favourite of mine. One of the strong points of the albums is the energy that you can practically feel when listening, probably due to the amount of years they have been in the business for. One problem with any double album though is the strong possibility that the tracks may be thinly spread about, dipping in quality but thankfully songs like The Thaw provide sweet relief from the hard rock songs.


Biffy Clyro have managed to produce a great album that’s only downfall is the quality of some tracks manage to make others feel minuscule in comparison, a problem that many may have feared in the build up to the release of Opposites but at this stage in 2013, Opposites looks like the Rock album of the year.

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