Arctic Monkeys – AM


     With four albums under their belts, many would think that Arctic Monkeys could perform a “Jay-Z” of sorts and just release a similar sounding album to anything they’ve released previously and sell millions due to the popularity the band have internationally. Thankfully, this isn’t the case and they’ve delivered quite a different album which is as stylistic as it is well made.        

Arctic Monkeys have been critically applauded since their 2005 debut Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not so it should be no surprise to anyone that Do I Wanna Know? is a brilliant opener that is full of fluent, romantic lines that show off the talent Turner has with “been wondering what time your heart’s still open and if so I wanna know what time it shuts” being a memorable one. Another classic stadium rocking gem for the band follows in the form of R U Mine? which features a catchy beat and strong performances from Alex, Jamie, Nick and Matt. The atmosphere soon changes though in the track One For The Roadwhich is more chilled out and this same vibe carries on to Arabella which also contains a strong chorus followed by even stronger performances on guitar which mantains the same back up vocals that are difficult not to sing along with so there should be no surprise that this is a personal favourite of mine on the record. Want It All, which should be pointed out for a great beat that’s hard not to nod your head along to in appreciation, is the preceding track to No.1 Party Anthem which is one of the more unique tracks which represents how stylistic this album is. Mad Soundscomes after this and is an average track which will most likely be lost amongst the other tracks. The same can also be said about Firesidewhich feels more filler than killer. Thankfully Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? redeems that and it’s lovely tempo and beat make it a track which is difficult not to like. Snap Out Of It features the same great vocals that can be seen on the whole of AM  as well a great beat to go with it and Knee Socks keeping up the record’s reputation of great tracks. I Wanna Be Yours retains the same chilled vibe from One For The Road and Arabella and although it is a good track, compared to the rest of the album it can be seen as being lacklustre.


       Suck It And See is regarded by some fans of the band as one of their best pieces of work while others see it as their most dissapointing. Fortunately, this split opinion shouldn’t be the same case for AM as the band have proved themselves yet again by producing a great record that every music fan should give a listen to as even though it has a few lacklustre tracks, it’s an album that’s worth your attention.

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