GIG REVIEW: Yuck @ Broadcast

Putting on a performance that went down better than the price of a vodka mix on a Saturday night, shoegaze Londoners Yuck traversed any pitfalls that comes with playing in such an intimate venue.

Glasgow’s Broadcast offers very little moving space as the band members practically have the audience breathing down their necks. Thankfully, any pre gig blues were put to rest swiftly and securely, unfiltered 90’s guitar rock pouring into every inch of the packed locale and evoking a great laidback yet enthusiastic response from the crowd.

The setlist was fairly varied considering the fact that the band have just released Stranger Things, their third LP and their second without former frontman Daniel Blumberg though Yuck seem to be managing just fine without him. Cannonball sets the bar high for the rest of the night with its chunky, overpowering riffs going down a treat which is wonderfully followed up by Hearts in Motion, a distortion full track that tells a classic romantic tale while drenching itself in grunge influences.


Thankfully Yuck haven’t resented their earlier work, it can be argued that they owe a lot to it for helping them venture into different territory, and some of the high points of the night come from this pre-Glow & Behold era. Get Away is where any subtlety about the band’s influences gets thrown out of the window with searing riffs reaching face melting magnitudes of volume and intensity.

When all is said and done, the criticisms Yuck face for lacking the vigour that made them such a surprise hit in the early 2010’s are forgotten almost instantly. In this day and age of almost instant internet reviews and almost anyone being able to get their music heard, it’s a relief to see that when put to the test and placed on stage with instruments in hand, a great band will shine and a sub par one will falter: it’s no surprise that Yuck are the former.