Day 2: The Walking Diet

Very few things genuinely terrify me. Not trying to make myself seem like a hard man, seeing as I’m the total opposite, but I can only list a few things I know would properly scare the fuck out of me. A zombie apocalypse would be one of them.

You might be thinking what this has to do with my vegetarian trial but hear me out. So I was at the hospital today for an undisclosed reason and so had to have the routine thing done I.e get blood pressure and pulse rate checked, lie back on a cold as fuck bed with a revealing coat on.

Anyone who has saw the extremely popular AMC show The Walking Dead will know of the opening scene of the pilot episode. Protagonist Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma in a run down hospital while still plugged into an IV and probably smelling like an alleyway in Glasgow.

This pretty much leads on to my point of even mentioning a zombie apocoplaypse. As I sat there, slowly freezing to death, one thing hit my mind: what if I end up like Rick Grimes? Obviously without the awful beard but faced with the same situation: totally alone in a world that’s been properly savaged by an apocalyptic epidemic.

So why does all of this have to do with being vegetarian? I dunno. Probably quite shite to not eat meat during a fight for your life kind of deal.

Day 1

Where to start…

I think anyone whose career or hobby revolves around writing has struck a period of confusion¬†known as writer’s block: not being able to think of what to write. Recently I’d been suffering the same thing, coming up with ideas but never actually forming anything with them which lead to more frustration and lead to more half thought ideas which lead t- you get the picture.¬†On top of this I’m recently just out of a relationship which adds to the stress but somehow out of all of this, clarity eventually occurred.

So I’m going to be vegetarian for a week.

Right there was no real context to that decision but let me explain. The idea popped into my head last week when some ironic beef occurred when a vegan compared the meat industry to the holocaust which unsurprisingly caused a huge backlash for the guy. After venting about how annoyed I was by it, the idea came to me: have I ever tried to go without the likes of bacon in my life? The short answer? No. Long answer? Fuck no. When I realised this, something clicked. With all the stress that I had experienced in the past couple of weeks with college and personal issues, I felt like I had to challenge myself which made me come to this decision plus I thought it would be quite interesting. The first day was nowhere near as difficult as I expected as I discovered a new favourite food: quorn. I’ll leave that to further entries during the week though since I’ll be going to concerts and other events during the week, meaning I can experience how difficult it can really be. I’ll make a promise now that I won’t grow a Kanye ego about it since I don’t need to scare off the few people that can actually tolerate me.

And before you think what I’m doing is odd, just remember there are people on the internet that identify as wardrobes. So yeah.