ALBUM REVIEW: Horse Jumper of Love – Horse Jumper of Love

While the mention of horses brings an expectation of fast, strong and majestic, Boston slow rock trio Horse Jumper of Love have done quite the opposite on their self-titled debut. While it may pack the same strength and resilience of a stallion, the band’s songs seem to enjoy wallowing in their dreary, distorted mess of self-loathing with a slow tempo being the bread and butter of this LP.

From the get go, Horse Jumper Of Love will strike a chord with anyone who has listened to a grunge song in their life, Ugly Brunette setting the standards of what is for the most part an enjoyable listen, evoking the same gritty rawness of Glasgow up and comers Codist. The inspiration for the song itself might not be from any spark of genius, lead singer Dimitri Giannopoulos stated the track is about a t-shirt he owned when he was 11, but it does make you think that if the topic was of something a bit more interesting and personal that there would be more of an emotional edge to it.


As it stands, Horse Jumper of Love is going to be a pretty divisive album and whilst it cannot be strongly recommended on the merit that you’ll enjoy it, it’s worth dipping your feet into if only to experience the occasional blips of slow building magic. More of a whinny than a triumphant gallop.