Gig Review: Quiche, Barbe Rousse + Kimona @ Old Hairdressers

by liam menzies (@blnkclyr)

Tucked away upstairs like a secret attic party, the tight and cosy Old Hairdressers acted as the habitat for all the freezing cold visitors coming by for tonight’s gig, one that was most likely everyone’s first of the year. With its homey essence and near claustrophobic setting, due to the very small capacity, everything was in place for an immersive and warm night around the stage.



Starting off the night’s proceedings was the three-piece Kimona and while they may rock the tagline that they’re “best heard than talked about because music is for listening” on their social media, it would be a great disservice not to mention the ambiance they brought last night. 

Consisting of Ella, Jackson, and Vincent, the way each member brings something into the equation and how their voices all magically intertwine with one another is a truly beautiful sight: intro track Dreaming was the embodiment of this, using instrumental minimalism to show off a delightful hook. 

As they progressed, a great deal of cohesion was on display, everyone fitting into their roles and everyone getting a chance to take the spotlight. A choice example of this would be Nuclear Fission, an aptly titled track considering the chemistry on show, which allowed Vincent to show off his vocals and crisp lyrics which came off purely organic, feeling like they had just been written down on a piece of paper after a night of looking outside his window.

This sort of music is the perfect companion for solemn thinking and despite keeping things slow paced for the most part, Kimona left an indent that’ll be hard to buff out.

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side note: apologies to the band for my terrible introduction after the performance, I wasn’t drunk, just incredibly anxious

barbe rousse


It’s not often you’ll find an act who can summarise their charm in their name alone but when you’ve got such a beautiful sounding title like Barbe Rousse, which translates to ginger beard, you know you’ve found one of them.

Sounding great while having a great time in the process, Barbe Rousse is a project by Alasdair Kelly, who showed he was not taking part in his first rodeo last night with how effortlessly funny and solid he was on stage (or should I say floor), backed up by a talented band who nestled right into it.

It was clear throughout the number of influences bleeding out from every note, at one point going from a funky jam into a pure rock outro that left the audience’s faces looking very different from what they had prior.

Considering how evidently varied this act was (a cocktail of psychedelic soul, jazz, and rock), it’s hard to pin down a highlight track: consider this your impromptu call to seek out their debut record Misc. Muses to capture even a snippet of the sheer fun that was had throughout Barbe Rousse‘s performance last night.

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img_2895The men of the hour, and here to show off their freshly made debut release, Quiche were in their element as they paraded on for their headline set. Dressed in the funkiest attire imaginable, the Glasgow alt-rock outfit stayed true to the “Let’s Be Friends” title of their new EP by welcoming the audience with a host-with-the-most attitude and a bunch of bodacious tunes. 

A distinct favourite of ours played early on was Costa Calma, a lusciously produced track that manages to traverse the journey from studio to stage with no drop in quality: with the number of phones we saw recording, the lo-fi slacker rock appeal has resonated with more than a few people already.

Quiche even harked back to this sound later on in the set with their debut single which was a nice throwback to see how far they’ve come in such a short space of time.

We also got a few other tasty treats in the form of a single that the band mentioned will be released later this year, keep your eyes peeled for that, some old favourites and of course, more of their incredibly varied EP: Hor-cha sounded suitably pissed off as the fury-fuelled rambling slips and slides between some equally aggressive guitar and drums whilst Friends further allowed the band’s music to resonate to the packed audience.

As the audience left to make the freezing cold journey home, it was hard not to feel full of warmth: you could put that down to the amount of alcohol consumed but we’ll take a shot at all three acts on show tonight leaving the music fans in attendance very relaxed in knowing that the future of homegrown music is looking pretty fucking good.

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EP Review: Let’s Be Friends by Quiche

by liam menzies (@blnkclyr)

It can be rather heart-warming to watch a musician, or a group of them, go from rating 8fans of someone’s work to fully fledged artists in their own right: the prime contemporary example is, of course, Brockhampton whose inception came from a request thread on a Kanye West forum but that isn’t to say it’s not happening just around the corner from you.

This is when the Glasgow act Quiche enters the fray: looking at the lads’ YouTube channel, the third most viewed video there is a cover of Mac DeMarco‘s Salad Days cut Let My Baby Stay (it’s before all that happened so dinnae worry) which goes to show the admiration of, what can be assumed, a big influence on the band’s work. The second cut from Let’s Be Friends, Costa Calma radiates the aforementioned influence and kicks things off in a very chilled fashion that those of the lo-fi rock genre will find familiar but undeniably full of charm, especially considering that the band manages to keep things vocally enticing. It’s also worth bearing in mind that despite how this song, in particular, evokes a similar sound, Quiche has to be commended for delivering such a textured audio landscape on their debut EP.


'Let's Be Friends' Cover Art
released: 1st January 2018

The previous paragraph may imply that Quiche are lacking some oomph but that’s not the case at all: their teeth are just stuck into whoever pissed them off on intro track Hor-cha, a song that could so easily be about sites telling you what’s good and what’s not (hey is that us?) or a pandering pal who is too afraid to be themselves (okay, maybe not us). It really goes to give this EP a heap of variety, not that you’d expect an awful lot considering how compact it is at three tracks long, so for the band to chuck on their punk shoes and give us a taste of what they can achieve if you catch the other side of them, it goes a long way to leave an indent. 

As the EP draws to a close, Quiche let their collective hair down and open up to the listener, a nice touch for such an aptly titled release. Friends is this moment and it starts off with a very lonesome shoegaze-esque introduction, though more in the vein of Wolf Alice‘s Silk than anything off My Bloody Valentine discography, as the lead vocalist harks on about chemistry with someone who seems to bring the best out of any situation, regardless if there’s any tension or bad blood at any points. It’s pretty evident early on who, or what, the song is about and it’s hard not to appreciate a track that subverts your expectation while it does a solid job instrumentally with a nice job of mixing to be noted.

A blink (whatever the ear equivalent is) or you’ll miss it experience, Quiche use their roughly ten minutes with you to smack you in the face, soothe you with some lush guitars and vocals then leave you with a lovely song. It’s easy enough to forget a release as soon as it’s passed you but this Glasgow alt-rock outfit manage to leave the right kind of impression the first time around – our friend requests to them are on their way and yours soon will be too once you’ve given this a spin.


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