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  • PUP + TRASH BOAT @ QMU – 04/02/2017

    PUP + TRASH BOAT @ QMU – 04/02/2017

    By Liam Menzies (@blinkclyro) Seeing as both Canadian punk act PUP and British pop punkers Trash Boat had an amazing with 2016 with the release of The Dream Is Over and I Know That Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through respectively, it was a no-brainer that The Wonder Years would invite the […]

  • Top 50 Songs of 2016

    Top 50 Songs of 2016

            By Liam Menzies (@blinkclyro) It’s here! Chuck those negative opinions aside as for the next week we’ll be counting down my musical highlights of the year. While 2016 was full of many negative events (US election, multiple celebrity death, suicide squad, damn daniel etc.), on the other side of the coin music […]

  • ALBUM REVIEW: Pup – The Dream Is Over

    ALBUM REVIEW: Pup – The Dream Is Over

    In the same way that it’s near impossible to find a Californian punk act who don’t sing about drugs, so to is difficult to talk about PUP’s sophomore album without falling into a cliche that every review has fell into by addressing this album’s title: after visiting a specialist, frontman Stefan Babcock was bluntly told “the […]

  • Best Of: April 2016

    Best Of: April 2016

    A lookback at this month in music, listing the greatest albums and singles that April had to offer. ALBUMS 5. Drake – Views While it may go on a bit longer than necessary and hit a few dud notes in the process, the highlights of Drake’s fourth LP far outweigh these gripes and result in […]