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  • GAME REVIEW: Hotline Miami (PS4)

    GAME REVIEW: Hotline Miami (PS4)

    While I don’t often review games here on my blog, it’s safe to say that anytime that I’m not listening to an album or eating my bodyweight in cheese, I’m playing a videogame. As a student though, a poor one at that, games aren’t as easy to come by for me as splashing out £30+ […]

  • First week with Fallout 4: A Sorta Review

    First week with Fallout 4: A Sorta Review

    Foolishly enough, I was planning on reviewing Fallout 4 for some point this week. Obviously not the full game but I hoped to have at least finished the main campaign. Over 20 hours in and I’ve not even scraped the surface of Bethesda’s massive and weirdly beautiful post apocalyptic world so instead of trying to […]