While She Sleeps make a welcome return with ANTI-SOCIAL

Some artists will become the flag-bearers for their genre; a hallmark of quality and THE starting point for any genre. However, some bands will take that flag down and put up their own, reshaping the genre and changing the face of it, or creating a whole new genre. Step forward, While She Sleeps.

Ever since introducing themselves with The North Stands For Nothing, WSS have been a band on the rise, somehow remaining solidly consistent across three full-blown releases, peaking with You Are We last year. Whilst classed as a metalcore band, they, like Architects, transcend the genre with their approach to musicianship and production.

So at some point, they’ve got to run out of puff, right? Potentially, but with the release of their new single ANTI-SOCIAL last night, the Sleeps brothers don’t look like that’ll happen any time soon.

There’s something different with this track, but it’s hard to put your finger on it. The track still contains the classic Sleeps trademarks – big riffs, and bigger gang screams – but feels more progressive than You Are We.

It’s not like they’ve turned down and pursued a poppier sound, it still hits with the same venom and angst as ever before. You could argue the heavy, ominous synth is something new, but not exactly outside their range. The sound just feels like an upgrade, but not from one album to the next, it feels like they’ve learnt a lot and are applying it to their craft.

Past the synth however, it’s business as usual with frantically picked guitars, thunderous riffs and a chorus of screams. It just… it just feels like an evolution of the band. As if they’ve gone from being a Pikachu; an absolute unit, roundly popular, to a Raichu; even more electric and more powerful than ever before.

ANTI-SOCIAL is the first release from Sleeps’ fourth full-length album, SO WHAT?, due next March, and whilst we’re just one track in, you’d be foolish not to already be tipping the band to release an album of the year contender in 2019.

However, this album does come with an added pressure. The band have sold out halls, institutes and academies across the land, and SO WHAT? will be crucial, in that it could be the album that takes them to the arena-filling and festival headlining level, and turn them into metal’s latest giants. – oliver butler (@notoliverbutler)

TRACK REVIEW: Resolute – Walk With Me

By Liam Menzies (@blinkclyro)

Hailing from the mystic land of the ice and snow, most commonly known as the West Midlands, Resolute mark a shift that’s become more apparent in music as of late which is a move towards incorporating other genres in order to revive the carcuses. With other genres starting to stagnate, no name calling here, the intensity that makes up the backbone of the band’s first demo release Walk With Me isn’t so much obvious but “punch you in the face” apparent and a refreshing act of violence at that.

Opening up with a lone, gargantuan guitar, the “silence”, or what we can call a quiet moment in this song, is broken by up an eruptious roar of the track’s title by the band’s temporary vocalist but permanent guitarist Gaz Southall. A barrage of gang vocals, which, as the name implies, incorporates bassist Oliver Butler and drummer Tom Birch with the help of a megaphone, giving the song a tinge of Enter Shikari with its rallying cry about dreams, backed up with pure brutality.

This mix of metal-core and post-hardcore, while not brand spanking new, is an easy recommendation to anyone with even a faint interest in other bands of this kind of nature, most notably Code Orange. While only a hint of what’s to come, the thoughts of Resolute managing to further improve on this demo is both scary and tantalising: we’ll let you decide which one outweighs the other.

Resolute: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud