By Will Sexton (@willshesleeps)

What’s exciting about music in this day and age is that no matter where you are, music will be there with you. Whether you’re surfing youtube or watching videos on Facebook, an advert might pop up or the song in the background of the video picks you fancy. Streaming services, besides the small amount of money the artist gets, are amazing for finding new bands/artists.

Me stumbling across Remo Drive’s debut album Greatest Hits is an example of one of these times. Having an eclectic music taste, I am always up for listening to new things, a lot of the time brought in by the album cover and/or band name and giving them a taste. The opening track Art School really sets the tone for the rest of this very emo, post-punk album, and what a debut album it is.

Distorted guitars and angry drums are something you’ll find when searching for an album or band in the emo sub-genre, but Remo Drive throw in drum patterns and bass lines you don’t expect from a band with this sound. Music evolves and changes which is one of the most beautiful things about it but not often do you come across something new and exciting that blends so well together without it sounding like it’s trying too hard to be different. A good example of this is in the song Hunting For Sport, where you expect the song to continue along the ‘emo anthem’ style and it surprises you with a small bass line interlude. The ending as well, expecting it to finish and be over but stops and starts with such ease.

One of the leading singles from Greatest Hits is Yer Killin’ Me which sounds like it has so many influences. Instrumentation from the intro reminds me of bands like Gnarwolves or a heavier The Front Bottoms, the middle of the song sounds like it was influenced by Foals, the end sounding NOTHING like the rest of the song and vocal lines influences from bands like FIDLAR. However, the song still breaks down to be an emo anthem in the end which I do identify as the new band I’m really starting to fall in love with. There aren’t many bands who could throw all of that into an album, let alone one song, but make it sound so effortless and downright beautiful.

This band are definitely one to watch and are worth getting very excited about to see what they do next. This album will definitely be going into my favourites from the year playlist. It is beyond worth a listen if you’re a fan of bands like Basement and Creeper.