5 Things You DIDN’T Know About The Emoji Movie!

By Liam Menzies (@blinkclyro)

It's the moment every film lover has been waiting for! On July 28th, or August 3rd for everyone else, the emojitastic Emoji Movie will be dropping in cinemas which has us all feeling 😍 , 😩  , and a bit 😏 . However, there are a few fake fans who have no idea what Sony's epic adventure is about so to help clear things up, we're gonna go through five things that will have you going 😯.

1. It Wasn't Always Called The Emoji Movie

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It's odd to think that there was a time where The Emoji Movie didn't have its iconic name but it's true: the film was originally called Emojimovie: Express Yourself. However, this may have been too on the nose for the intelligent audience members and so, it had to be changed. Thumbs up to you Sony!

2. James Corden's Character's Wacky Name!

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It's common knowledge that everyone's funniest TV host James Corden will be making his film debut in The Emoji Movie. What you may have not known was his character's quirky name: playing the hand emoji, the hilarious team behind the film gave him the name of hi-5, much like the universal gesture. Hats off to you Sony, you guys deserve a ✋🏻.

3. It's Not Fictional!

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You read that right folks, The Emoji Movie isn't animated! Using a lesser known but equally complex scientific experiment known as Emoji-fying, Sony managed to turn all their actors into the characters you see on the screen. This wasn't 100% safe though as the above image shows: James Corden ended up splitting into two, meaning his film counterpart coexists with his real life self: wow!

4. The Original Ending Was Too Much For Some Fans

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While The Emoji Movie will be accessible to fans of all ages, this wasn't always the case. In it's original ending, protagonist Gene tries to dismantle the hierarchy of emoji's with the T.J Miller voice character re-enacting the third act of Taxi Driver to accomplish his goal: he even does the iconic gun to head gesture! Sadly, ratings boards and the audience thought this ending would brainwash audiences with communist propaganda and so had to go back to the drawing board – let's hope they didn't lose any marx for it!

5. The Film's True Origins

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Many think that The Emoji Movie is simply a cash grab to jump on the trend of our expressive emoticons though people who believe this couldn't be more wrong! Director Tony Leondis ventured out in search of old caves to seek inspiration for his next film. On one of the caverns, Leondis discovered the sketchings you see above – overwhelmed by equal parts joy and fear, he ran barefoot to Sony's doors with the idea of making a film out of what he discovered. As the saying goes, the rest is ancient history!