Track Review: Amber by Bottle Note

By Liam Menzies (@blnkclyr)

Right off the bat, the latest single by Scottish alt-rock outfit Bottle Note is a menacing little fucker: while Arctic Monkey’s discography is pretty much a petri dish for indie bands nowadays, the influence of the Sheffield act’s debut on Ross, Joe, Jake & Andy is right there in big, bold notes. Amber follows an efficient formula of barging in with some lonesome drums, paving the way for a loud outdrawn guitar to march on through, seemingly getting the tone set instantly.

The lyrics, thankfully, aren’t really braggadocious lad rock type as the sound of this single would have you believe; if anything it seems to follow an admittance of a flaw with the symbolism of amber traffic lights pointing towards our narrator being pretty hesitant. It all leads to a chorus that doesn’t go against the current but definitely fits perfectly into the playbook Bottle Note are writing for themselves. Unashamedly influenced but not afraid to show some chinks in their armour, Amber is a tight wee track that has the foundations for Bottle Note looking pretty fucking firm.