How We Rate

A numerical rating system isn’t anything new: most sites choose to review an album with an end of piece visual.

However, what a “7/10” can mean for one publication can mean something totally different from the rest. As a site who want to bring honest critique to the music scene, we want to explain what each rating means so that you never have to burn down our houses because an album you liked got a 6.

Graphics courtesy of Cara McCall (@caraldesign)


rating 1
The absolute worst, this album isn’t worth the material it’s printed on. Insulting stuff.
rating 2
Truly abysmal, bordering on hellish.
rating 3
Plain bad and/or bland.
rating 4
Disappointing, more often than not with a glimmer of potential.
rating 5
Solid, the good outweighs the bad.
rating 6
Good, a few hiccups stop this from being a major recommendation.
rating 7
DAMN: An album that makes you go “hey, that’s pretty good”.
rating 8
Very good, an album that stands out from most of its genre contemporaries.
rating 9
Near perfect: a career-defining LP that pushes its respective genre forward.
Godlike: you owe it to your ears and your granny to listen to this masterpiece.