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Starting all the way back in July 2012, TRANSISTOR began as sort of a protest to sites which became more like advertorial havens than genuine music journalism. Almost 5 years later, the site has slowly but surely started to cement itself within the Scottish music scene, covering some of the best and brightest up and coming acts as well as delivering some hot takes on some of the most prominent artists and issues in the entertainment industry. 

We wish to continue our personal mantra of providing honest music journalism and are providing the following guidelines to help simplify the process, ensuring that things work better for yourself as well as us. There are some serious points but understand that this is so that everyone involved is a happy pup!


When sending us music, be sure to consider the following:

  • If your submission is a generic e-mail that has been sent to hundreds of other sites, chances are we won’t respond.
  • Mention your social media handles as well as including a picture or two to feature alongside (along with credits to photographer) – quality doesn’t matter, as long as it isn’t pixelated it’ll suffice.Logo
  • Repeatedly pestering us (e.g asking where your review is) will not only make your chances of featuring less likely but may ultimately put you on our blocked list.
  • As stated in our intro, we provide honest reviews and our word is final – you’re not obliged to share our pieces but any toxic emails concerning scores or subjective remarks will not be tolerated.
  • This site has various contributors who have certain niches and their own views – bare in mind that their verdicts are their own. In addition, if you’re friendly with said writer and wish to submit music for review, you must clarify this.
  • Understand that while we have lots of contributors, the site is run mainly by myself (Liam) along with help from editors who are either in further education or work full-time – we can’t respond to everything.

If you’ve read and are cool with complying with these specifications then contact us at the below address, making sure to include certain features:

  • Name of track, artist and EP/LP it’ll be appearing on (obviously)
  • Links to your social media as well as Bandcamp, Spotify etc.
  • Images to incorporate into the feature.
  • Specify writer(s) – check our team page to find out more.
  • A small bio to make sure we don’t state any incorrect or outdated facts.
  • Include influences and other artists who you feel fans of would enjoy your work.
  • Try and avoid cliches (e.g “We worked really hard on this”)


  • Let us know of any previous writing experience – we’re currently reaching a limit on the number of writers we can effectively balance so this helps a bunch.
  • Why you want to write for us – no need to big us up, just a wee bit so we know that you’re gonna be in it for the long haul.
  • While we’re not a political site, what you tweet will reflect on us – no alt-righters, nazis, misogynists, abuse apologists and the likes will be brought on board.



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