TRACK REVIEW: Rollin by Calvin Harris (feat. Future, Khalid)

Showcasing his ability to keep his finger on the pulse and mould his sound accordingly, Calvin Harris continues to do a complete 180 in the eyes of the Patrician with his latest single.

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TRACK REVIEW: Feels Like Summer by Weezer

By Fraser McGovern (@FraserMcGovern) In 2009, alternative rock outfit Weezer released their seventh album. It was called Raditude, and it was not good. The band had already started to shift in a more commercial direction with their recent (at the time) hits Beverly Hills and Pork & Beans, but this new album alienated fans with…

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TRACK REVIEW: Drugs by Charli XCX (feat. ABRA)

By Fraser McGovern (@FraserMcGovern) Singer/songwriter Charli XCX serves as living proof that sugary pop music doesn’t have to be total cack. Though their lyrics aren’t anything to write home about, singles from her 2014 LP Sucker boasted some of the catchiest hooks of that year in tracks like Boom Clap, Break the Rules, and my personal…

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