Thoughts On: R-Rated Movies

With Hollywood set to unleash a new wave of R-Rated films, I discuss why this could be detrimental for movies. It’s seemingly impossible to look at any source of entertainment news without seeing something about Deadpool, a film that, carrying a $58 million budget and a handful of dick jokes, has become the ultimate underdog story. […]

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Moderat – Reminder EP REVIEW

German electronic act Moderat managed to overcome the ever fatal second album syndrome that infects any band who release a critically acclaimed debut, a triumph in itself. However, when your track record now features two well received LPs, how on earth do you pull it off again? In Moderat’s case they’ve done more of the […]

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Thoughts On: The Brit Awards

When your award show is referred to as “the British Grammy’s”, you’d think it was some sort of compliment. Well, that’s until you realise that the Grammy’s themselves considered James Bay more worthy of a Rock Album Of The Year nod than the hundreds of other potential nominees. Fair do’s to the Grammy’s though since they at […]

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Wish superheroes nowadays weren’t all dure faced, serious shits? Then Deadpool might be the film for you.  If you weren’t able to tell from the countless trailer reactions and previews up on my site then you should know that I was a little bit hyped for this film about a loud mouthed, regenerating merc with […]

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IOU Review: January 2016

A new segment where I’ll be taking a look at any albums and singles I’ve missed over the month. Want something reviewed? Let me know via twitter. Savages – Adore Life There’s no easy way to address the elephant in the room when it comes to reviewing Savages latest album: this isn’t the same band we’re […]

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