Best of 2015

2015 has been one of the most eventful years in recent history. A year just as full of tragedy  as it was brimming with joyous occasions that put a smile on our faces. An annual event since 2013 when I made my first compilation of best albums, here’s another Best Of from us here at […]

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Ranked: The Star Wars Saga

Undoubtedly the most iconic film series of all time, Star Wars has made a colossal impact not only on entertainment but on the world. With a universe packed with lore, action and amazing characters, the series managed to become a sci-fi epic of massive proportions that is still yet to be beaten in terms of how […]

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Why Adam Sandler Should Just Stop

I knew I shouldn’t have done it. No, buying those Pikachu slippers is not a regret of mine. The decision I made occurred this afternoon whilst I was recovering from a sub crawl the previous day where, like anyone, I booted up Netflix to put on in the background while I curled up into a ball in bed and […]

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Blinded by Nostalgia?

Our relationship with games is at risk: is too much of a good thing really that bad? Back in October I wrote a commemorative piece on Playstation, Sony’s flagship console that was, for many, their first gaming experience. There was the bombardment of platformers where Crash and Spyro were the kings of their genre as well […]

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Top 25 Albums Of 2015

It’s time. List season. It’s odd how something with such a boring name could cause heated debate amongst many, though that’s nothing new for the internet. So as I’ve always done since 2013, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite albums of the past 12 months, ranging from heavy rock to pop to grime to […]

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Streaming Music: The Toxic Revolution

Doing anything in the early hours of the morning is difficult; let alone being interviewed after extensive touring of the U.S, battling off the overwhelming exhaustion. This is exactly the challenge facing Eliot Sumner, daughter of the iconic Sting, as she goes through the motions of being interviewed before a question is asked that leaves […]

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